carpe omnia

Day 011

Went on a Cherry Blossom cruise with Jianna per Capitol yacht charters…except there were no damn cherry blossoms out. But it was cool nonetheless. There was a man who was trying to hook us up with his son and his son’s friends. He was all “they’re good lookin guys and really sweet, you’d like em!” It’s not a day out with Jianna until we get propositioned by a strange man. We gently turned down the offer and saw the guys later—dodged a bullet. Frat boys with stud earrings and snapbacks.

We went to McCormick & Schmick’s grill in Reston town center upon a failed trip to the meadowlark gardens; there really are no flowers anywhere. I ate filet mignon. We also got old bay queso fries and bacon-wrapped jalapeño-stuffed shrimp.

Then went to shilla bakery. Then party depot to get Easter festivity items. Then ate more food at pho bistro. :] then we went to whole foods. It was my first time! There was a section for handmade soaps and salt scrubs and soaks, it was cute.

Afterwards, we went to bowl america in sterling to surprise Andy for his birthday. Freaking great time. Mo sure liked Jianna. Beer and bowling and making fun of mo and Jorge made up most of my night. After that, Jorge’s house for hookah and music and chilling.