carpe omnia

Day 025

start of the day was a bummer. i had to drive back up to nova to take my test for my online class. i was supposed to take it on thursday, but ended up spending the entire day at jorge’s, and then friday i got off work late so i couldn’t make it to the testing center in time, and it’s not open on sundays. but the drive wasn’t too bad. the exam itself went pretty well, i’d say. only i had the nervous poops in my tummy and i also started my lady problem in the middle of it. so that was cool.

drove back down to richmond, and liz (@iamlizkim) and i went to go eat lunch at pho saigon… which honestly sucks. their egg rolls taste very cardboard-y, and their pho broth is like water (i do like a lot of MSG in mine D: so maybe it’s supposed to be a good thing that their soup is clean). went shopping at regency square mall, where i somehow ended up spending $150. i just got paid today too T_T but i also stopped by this hookah store to pick up a new bowl/head, and there was a hookah right outside of it that was literally taller than me, it was crazy intense. it had like a thousand hoses, too. i also bought cute dresses from this really nice store called epic. they had some sexy shit. wish i could have bought all four dresses i tried on, but i just bought the two that are pictured here. the mall was actually pretty nice. i keep forgetting that not all universities/colleges have terrible malls like VT does.

went to eat at a korean restaurant called 88 garden. the dae gu (cod fish) hot pot was very subpar… the soup was more brown/orange than red, which was really weird. it tasted ok. lots of bones in the fish, more bones than actual meat, i’d say. ok now that i read over my description of it, it was actually pretty gross. the parking lot outside also had a ratchet handicap spot that someone had clearly handpainted in… lmao.

got bubble tea afterwards at TT lounge—half the reason i came to richmond lmao. it was a very tiring day, what with all the driving and walking around, so i ended up passing out really early :/ sorry liz. LOL.

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