carpe omnia

Day 088 - Day 089

Sadly it’s been so long since i’ve updated my project 365 tag that I don’t even remember what happened on Friday. I’m pretty sure I went to Jorge’s house and chilled with him and Nancy for a big before going home early, because I had to get up early for crabbing with Nick and Rachel. :) Tried to leave at 6:30am to get there at 8 but with getting breakfast and stuff we ended up not even getting to crabbing until like 9:30. We witnessed two pretty severe accidents—one was in a parking lot where some dumb girl hit a pedestrian. The lady was all cut up from gravel and glass and it was grotesque D: the other was a motorcycle accident, and the motorcyclist was pretty much in DOA-condition.

Crabbing sucked—we caught nothing! but at least we got to play with Nick’s puppy, Pookie. Went to Tom’s house afterwards to eat some kabobs.

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